Wonderwall Artists The Hague Area NL
Helen and Jille van der Veen both obtained their degrees from the northern academy of the arts Minerva in Groningen in 1978. Minerva is renowned for its classical and figurative tradition. Many skilled artists took their first artistic steps there.
Their talents grew over the years as they exhibited many realistic, sunny paintings, they went into teaching and both had chairs in various art committees. This all culminated in a small business in which they design and produce murals. 
Their speciality is producing work in the ‘trompe l’oeil’ or ‘deceiving the eye’ tradition. The murals are first composed by hand and later with an Apple computer. The design is conceived according to the wishes of their clients, making dreams come true, so to speak. Helen and Jille are not offended when asked to copy an existing grand design. In our modern day tradition of ‘originality’, serial and process art and enormous egos, this is often looked down upon. But Helen and Jille are proud to turn out good work. 
This site shows some anamorphous work (a sideways but deceptively deep and impressive perspective) and quadrature (prolonging and making use of the architecture present).
Helen and Jille produce relatively quick, clean and large work. The size can vary from 1m2 to 250m2. They are working members of Pulchri Studio and HKK.
These skilled artists have worked for several city councils – The Hague, Rotterdam, Apeldoorn. They also took on commisions of companies such as Exxon, Gall&Gall, Rietschoten and Houwens and Amro bank. 
Their works are represented in the Dutch National Art Collection.
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